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Legal management consulting

Legal Representation

With experience in, and an understanding of, the many issues that businesses and corporate counsel face, we bring an innovative approach to managing legal issues and obtaining cost-effective legal services. We can assist you with:

Internal legal department management

  • Establishing and structuring efficient and effective in-house legal resources

  • Employee management and development​

  • Mentoring and assisting new in-house counsel

External lawyers and other professionals

  • Providing outsourced General Counsel services

  • Acting as a liaison with specialist lawyers and other professionals (helping you get the best from your service providers)

Legal strategic planning

  • Helping to align the legal team with the corporate strategic plan

  • Introducing and managing change programs

  • Providing training to help the in-house team to:

    • Build a high value relationship with internal clients

    • Understand corporate imperatives and key drivers

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