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contract law

Legal Advice

We facilitate business transactions by drafting contracts in plain English. We will also review and, when required, negotiate agreements with a view to achieving the best commercial outcome for you. In particular, our experience encompasses:

Business Structures

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Partnership agreements

Commercial documents

  • Confidentiality agreements 

  • Supply contracts (including standard terms)

  • Sales and purchase contracts (domestic & international)

  • Warehouse and distribution agreements

  • Trade mark licences

  • Assignments of intellectual property

  • Agency contracts

  • Insurance contracts

Financing Transactions

  • Loan facilities

  • Commercial credit facilities

  • Guarantees indemnities


  • Employment agreements

  • Teaming agreements

  • Subcontractor agreements

Real and personal property

  • Commercial leases

  • Rental agreements (equipment leases)

Contract Management

We have developed policies and procedures to assist businesses in managing contracts, including:

  • Contract risk management policy

  • Contract authorisation processes

  • Document retention policy


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