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corporate transactions

Legal Representation

Equity raisings

  • Capital raisings, including seed and growth capital

  • Venture capital and private equity

  • Debt and hybrid financing

  • Purchase plans

  • Rights issues

  • Private placements

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Prospectuses

  • IPOs, placements

  • Prospectuses / Product Disclosure Statements

  • ASX Listing Rules and Best Practice Guidelines

  • Guidance for directors of public company boards

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Sales and purchases of businesses

  • Takeover preparation

  • Holding company and subsidiary issues

Business Structuring / Restructuring

  • We can help manage and negotiate complex divestment projects and financial restructuring

  • Getting ready for corporate transactions, including due diligence, risk identification and risk management programs

  • Capital management, including capital reductions and share buy-backs

  • Employee share plans

  • Shareholder alignment and shareholders’ agreements


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